Why does SMS Marketing speak the language of the future?

We have seen the world of marketing change in the past decades. I am sure we all remember the way businesses used to market themselves when we were children. An ad in the local papers was a must, and if you had more money and size, you were opting for the national papers. The very rich , were lucky enough to run a commercial on tv. If a business was running on no funds or very little of it, they used to hang handwritten signs, offering their services all over the neighborhood.


Well, a lot has since changed. The world of marketing has transformed completely and evolved so much until it is almost unrecognisable! Today you can market your business and get exposure you would have never dreamed of, only a few decades ago. You can get a world-wide exposure for a very small investment. It started with search engine ads and then SEO, then it went on to the pop-up banners which you see less and less now, blogs, links, targeted emails etc. As business owners who have been around in the early 2000’s I am sure we are all very familiar with these marketing methods and this is exactly why, it is getting harder and harder to get noticed! the influx of businesses using these methods is so enormous so you are competing against thousands of businesess trying to get the first 10 spots on the first page of Google, or trying to formulate the best google ad possible to attract only good leads to click on it. It can be very frustrating and costly now.

It’s now the time to enter the new world of marketing! It is called SMS Marketing and the trend is still new! The best time to jump on the SMS Marketing wagon is now. Think about a directed SMS message that goes directly to a potential client, to his or her mobile. The conversion rate is much higher and stats show that people tend to open SMS Messages in much higher rates and ,much faster, then emails for example. You can use SMS Marketing for reminders, sending special announcements, deals, coupons, products. It is your choice on what message you’d like to market.

As business owners, it is vital that we adapt quickly, the old ways and embark on the new. Check out our SMS Marketing Sender Demo it’s free!